A red judglefowl in colored pencil.                                                                                    

    A red judglefowl in colored pencil.                                                                                    


    Most of my professional work has been in Natural Science Illustration. I specialize in birds, mammals, and dinosaurs, yet am happy to illustrate plants, fish, insects, and any other living subject. 

    I am familiar with a range of media; including colored pencil, graphite, pen and ink, oil paint, watercolor, and many others. This image can be sent to you digitally in your preferred format (i.e. jpeg, PDF, photoshop file, tiff, etc.), or I can mail you the original copy.  I prefer to create with an open dialogue with my client, ensuring that the illustration fully meets their needs.  Examples of how my commissions can be used include an educational poster, a natural science website, and for personal use.  Images intended for commercial use or reproduction will have a higher price. 

    I have designed several business logos and thoroughly enjoy that process as well.

    Any questions about commissions can be sent to me by email at using the email link below!