Welcome to the portfolio of Keenan Taylor's Illustrated Menagerie!

       I have done illustrations for textbooks, museums, and private collections.

       For a sense of how long a given project will take and therefore how much it will be, I have included the time it took below each gallery piece.  I have a few options for payment, but most of my work has been hourly.  Prices range from graphite at the lowest (cheaper because all of my pieces start with a graphite value study so it's that much closer to a finished piece) and the most expensive will be colored paintings.  Follow me on Instagram at illustrated_menagerie, on twitter @taylormenagerie, and on Facebook @illustratedmenagerie.  Support me on patreon at https://www.patreon.com/Illustratedmenagerie.  Email me at theillustratedmenagerie@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to request a commission.  Otherwise, please enjoy the gallery!

Full Images Below: